Sunday, January 20, 2008

Fuck, It's Cold!

Spine-snapping cold! And I'm not someone who feels the cold as easily as most. This shit is cold...Still I relish it a bit. Better a sub-zero day than one at 105 degrees (oh thank you so very much, God). The thermometer in the Volvo sat right at zero degrees and never varied. I wondered if it went below this to show a negative reading. It has to, it's a Swedish car, there should be some national pride behind having readings that display a dipping into the sub-zero temperatures.
I think of that Paul Newman movie, "Quintet". God that was insufferable. They conveyed cold well in that film, if not a plausible future where the world became frozen and barren.

"Hey, Tony...where's the art man?"
Good question. Ever-ree-thing I'm working on is so damned sensitive that I can't show it. But I will be posting art in earnest in two weeks or so. Do hang on!
It will be worth the wait (that's what she said)! I hope.


clmcshane said...

Nice Frost photos, Tony.

By the way, are you ever going to finish your recounting of SDCC'07?

You never did get around to telling us what you thought of the Fables panel.

el dooglas said...

gosh. i so miss the arctic blasts from the north. not.
i practically froze my arse off bicycling into work was durn near 29! UNHEARD OF. I have totally lost my chicago edge.

stay warm dude!