Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Bad, Bad Baby!!!

Children are certainly entertaining. I can spend hours watching them tire themselves out in traffic, or never fail to find a tear come to my eye whenever I hear a toddler say to it's 14year old mother, "Dag, I sent your broke ass out for some damn orange soda and you step back up in this muhfucka wif (baby looks at label, can't read it)... "what the fuck is this?"
I'm not a parent of anything.
They should start issuing parenting licenses from the look of things. That's beside the point. Here's an aborted project (Oh! That's where I was going with this! )...This was my idea of a PSA for print. What did I know, I was 18 here... Not too shabby. It's an unusual drawing as it's COMPLETELY devoid of Spaceships, or people in Spaceships, or people getting blown up by Spaceships. Or Spaceships blowing up other Spaceships. It was a theme I had going back in those days. Whacky 70's...

Oh, scary!

WOW! Such detailed notes! No wonder I colored the cobra Brown and Yellow!

Here's what's interesting (to me at least). That address is my first attempt at hurling myself into professional illustration. I still remember the interview. They were like, "Dude, you're like 17." I was like, "Oh, bitches...you gonna pay for that!"
Nah...wasn't anything like that at all.

They did set a tiger with rabies on fire an threw it at me to test my reflexes. They were REALLY good, so they said I was cool...but still too young.


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Anonymous said...

Super cool. So cool that I want to wear this. Tony Akins fashion line? Get on that, thanks. Pork chop sandwiches!