Tuesday, February 12, 2008

On to New Horizons and Growing Body Counts!

Man, I've been waiting to load this image for some time now. It's a version of the solicitation art for Jack of Fables #22.

It's a sloppy bit of art; I generated the entire thing on a Wacom Tablet, sketch to color, so there's no actual art. The inking is shoddy because I'm not used to the stylus. Oh, well. Next time right?

I really don't know about the "body count" thing. I haven't read the script yet since I'm still finishing JoF#21.
Andrew and I are both happy to be working on a Western-type story for Jack. Head over to Fabletown and follow the link to the solicitation.

Or not...suit yerself 'pard.


clmcshane said...

Pretty darn spiffy for the someone not used to the stylus.

So how do you like doing digital art?

porkchop sandwiches said...

Thanks for showing me how you did that. You're kind of the shit. Just sayin.

Fred Schiller said...

It doesn't matter how grown up and sophisticated we get, a cowboy or a spaceman always brings out the little kid in us.

Nice drawing, Tony.

Hey, I was thinking about you the other night while I was watching 'Across the Universe', Julie Taymor's look at life in the 60s fueled by the best of the Beatles. It's not a perfect film but there are some brilliant visuals. People seem to either love or hate Taymor but I remain on the fence. If nothing else, the movie is worth seeing for Eddie Izzard's turn as Mr. Kite.

Check out the movie if you get the chance. I think you'll like it.


Tony Akins said...

Hey Fred!
How ya be?
Yes...Taymor is great. Ever see her "Titus"? Awewsome.
I'm really excited about the Western. Happy to get back to penciling rather than doing that and inking. Enjoy inking, I do. But living with the same pages for so long is a little weird.
"Across The Universe" was perfect. It was like all the things I saw in my head growing up. Including NIPPLES! WHOO Yeah!
Did you like the way Lucy's brother affected the Coming of Korbain?
I have a friend that hates the Beatles for reasons he can't fully grasp. Insane.

ShojinStudios said...
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ShojinStudios said...

Speaking of movies, Just saw New Frontier! WOW, if I didn't appreciate the Silve Age of DC before I do now, very cool flick. Reminded me of you Tony back when for some signing in Graham Crackers(I might of spelled that wrong, oh well!) and you were geeking out over the comic that had just wrapped up. I see now why, makes me wanna pick up the trade. Oh Kick ass job on the JoF "yippy kai aye" pic! Talk to you soon!