Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Last of SanDiego!

I know, I know!!!
It's been a long-ass time coming but here it is!
I think it was Sunday, the last day of the Con.
Later I'd be sitting outside the hotel chilling with Jill and Brian, ogling Rosario Dawson through a plate glass window (baby!)...
But first, Mat and I had to get breakfast.

We set out, blindly, into the city. I was pretty sure we'd stumble across something fairly soon as SD is a second-class sort of town, with a second-class sort of mayor.
Sure enough we found SUN CAFE. It was perfect. I had chicken fried steak. Can't beat that with a second-class mayor!

Here's Matador juicing up.

Well malnourished we high-tailed it back to the Convention Center for our big to-do.
Here's M-man scooting from the Sun. It's really a great place. I think it should have an Honorary Bulfinch Street address. Pay no attention to the reflection in the window.

Panels are bit unnerving. Especially when the Fandom your facing is FABLES Fandom (the best in the world). Usually we saunter in with everyone else and jockey about on stage. But when Mat and I hit the door...the palce was already packed! Holy Fuck!

Seriously, the fans were out in force and cool as marble tombstones. Didn't women do a bit of knitting during the beheadings of the French Revolution?

Hey, there's Oppy (Chris Oppermann) and Adrienne Rappaport (Sequential Tart).

Here's the Panel at it's height. Bill has taken the helmy pulpit thingie and giving as good as he's getting from fans. Shit, this should be in one of those revival tents next time, I swear! Hand fans and dancing with serpents and good old timey stuff.


This image is huge. Click on it and get the FULL EFFECT!!!

After the panel we're back on the DC/Vertigo pad signing signing autographs and talking to friends and fans. Here's Oppy again!

Here's a cute girl Bigby! She has a sword that is very much like as sword Gary has in the issue I'm finishing at present.

This is my second Flycatcher since being on the Fables team.

Cindy McShane sent some awesome cookies to us. They were delicious Cinders! Good sugar high to keep us going. Oppy brought them through...he and Cinders have some "cookie Ho Chi Mihn Trail" thing going.

OK Cinders made a hat for Mat. It's the Capybaras from the Las Vegas Arc. Pretty spiffy, Mat sporting it all gangsta style.

Here's a tighter shot. Yep, capybaras alright.

So what have we learned from this experience?

You can put anything on hats these days. You can smuggle cookies and girls can dress as Bigby Wolf. Yeah, that sums it up for me.

Ha! Look...I'm home.


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clmcshane said...

Oooooh - Cool photos of the panel.

Glad you enjoyed the cookies. Did you know that Oppy will deliver cookies as long as he gets a share?
Very reasonable delivery fee I thought. That flycatcher hat is wonderful, though.