Thursday, June 01, 2006

"What Did You Do In The Gaming Industry, Daddy?"

What?! Who the hell are you? I ain't your daddy! Gaming? Bes' step awf, peewee. I've got some gaming stuff from our friends at Chewy Software...but not today. So gape at this page from last years sketchbook; lol, I sound so bitter! I should pity these poor moops that are slaves to their biological impulse. Don't get me wrong, I love kids...just keep them out of my way, and quiet while I'm enjoying my promenade, yo. I actually saw two babies battling from their respective strollers, like phucking age of sail men-o-war passing on the high seas. The parents just had that stunned, overwhelmed look that I so enjoy on the faces of parents. Did I mention that I get NINE HOURS of sleep a night? Muhwhahahahah!!!! Well, like I said. I love kids...I'm just smart enough not to have any. Not making a judgement on those of you who do! But GOD KNOWS some of you idiots should have been sterilized at puberty...keep you from spreading your demon seed...God help you.

Here's an example of what Brian Azzarello makes me do; "I want you to draw this...." Fine. Now I have this artifact. Enjoy.

Oh, here's something righteous; this is a design from what would have been my tenure on "Rune". Don't ask.



Fred Schiller said...

Mister Tony,
Your sterility comment reminded me of an idea I was going to use in a book way back when.

My cure for mentally deficient adults having equally deficient children is simple yet effective. Many times the offspring of the terminally dim become a financial drain on society, right? Well, why not nip the problem in the bud by offering men and women, over the age of eighteen or twenty-one, a flat fee to voluntarily march into a federal sterility facility. Offer them five or ten thousand bucks, tax-free, to get their tubes tied or their testes irradiated?

It would be kind of a preemptive Soylent Green.

My plan can’t fail.

Tony Akins said...

Actually, Fred...I was somewhat aghast at the idea...but if it's voluntary and pays hard cash...sure why not :~).
Turns out that Denmark or some other cold country with hot, tall women did this people without their consent; this was AFTER the war, too. The "candidates" were weak-mind individuals...about as sharp as the average Cubs fan we know today. It went on for YEARS! Sterilizing people of low IQs to prevent them from breeding network television producers and American Idol contestants (and fans).

Noah Potter said...

Get a publicty deal with the "darwin awards" and "" is ready to roll...