Thursday, June 01, 2006

Go Apeshit, Young...Ape

Way back when, I was working on a series of covers for a Planet of The Ape line of comics. I can't recall who the publisher was then. But whoever you were; here's what the next cover would have looked like had you not gone under. The first cover saw the light of day and can be seen in a previous blog; it's more of a "traditional" or standard theme for them bad monkeys of the future. For the cover shown here, I somehow got to do this wild-assed Western theme....
I don't remember the story or writer at all; the editor probably just talked me through what was needed over the phone.
If I had my 'druthers, I'd work this bad boy up. Man, how can these guys open so many cans of Whup-ass without opposable thumbs?
Huhn...go figure.

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Fred Schiller said...

I'm not an fine artist like yourself, but it looks like the damn filthy apes in your drawing DO have opposable thumbs. They also seem to have human bodies with ape heads on top. I guess it would look stoopid if you drew them with true ape bodies. It would look like a buncha apes with guns and shit.

I'm no fan of the Tim Burton remake of Planet of the Apes, but he came pretty close with some of the apes. Some of them seemed to move right with their bodies in proper proportion. Others just looked like people with ape heads on them.

Michael Clark Duncan was the most bitchin' of all the apes. He could have my banana anytime. And of course the Paul Giamatti's sleeze of an orangutan was a delight.