Saturday, June 03, 2006

Gaming Haze, er...Daze. DAYS!

More virtual hardware from our friends at Chewy Software. These are concept sketches for the ingame assets used and bled for by players. Basically, I'd thumbnail ideas on anything, napkins, typing paper...sometimes in an actual sketchbook.
Do a little refining, nothing too involved to...OH! Fireworks over the lake. Hang on!

OK, then I'd use 20%, 40%,60% grey Ad Markers to begin the actual drawings on marker paper (the reverse side of the paper takes the dye better). 20% for the initial sketch then detail and resolve the drawing with 70% or black marker.

Had to design assloads of random shit. The art asset list was phuckin' endless. This is a fraction of the stuff we thought of to kill/cheat death with; sniper kits, body armor; counter measures...even burning bags of doggie doo.

I don't recall what exactly this boot does; leaves a print in ass possibly.

Fuel pods..

More Fuel Containers..

This is your Mama.


Fred Schiller said...

I am so glad that you are using your powers for good instead of evil.

You are one bitchin' cool designer.

Perhaps one day the fates will bring us together and have us working on the same game. If that were to happen the resulting orgasmic rush would be mighty enough to knock over a professional wrestler or at least a small bear.

TMALO70 said...

Cool-Ass designs there Big Daddy... However, I would Love to have seen the "Burnin' Bag of Doggie-Doo" designs.. And why not??? It's a classic, and coupled with Napalm, could be all the rage again... And, the "Ass-Kickin' Boots" should leave the word "WHOOPED!!!" imprinted on any opponents tender ass cheeks... A painful reminder of playin' in your world...


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