Friday, June 02, 2006

Boilerplate; Nominee For Eisner Award

My good friend and colleague, Paul Guinan has been nominated for an Eisner Award in the "Best Painter" category. He and his lovely muse/wife Anina Bennett have worked together since the late Devonian; they are dedicated and prolific comic creators. Paul and I have collaborated in the past; Aliens:Colonial Marines and Andrew Vaachs' "Hard Looks", both under the Dark Horse banner. Click on the title to be taken to their website BIG RED HAIR.

The BoilerPlate work is astonishing, to say the least. I constantly fret over the abandonment of wet media for digital, but this is a very good argument for the latter. A few years back I ran into Pauls dad, Bob Guinan. "Have you seen Paul's article in US News and World Report?" No. I found a copy and saw that the Boilerplate page of Pauls website had taken an assload of hits by actual "experts" in history and "shit" wanting to know how and where Paul had uncovered the existence of a steam-powered robot.

LOL, Paul, is very diligent and thorough about his research. By grounding the fictive elements of the site with a convincing strata of history, copious links to some relevant and authoritative pages and MAD-ASS Photoshop skills to pull of some photographic tricks, Boilerplate became a hoax of note; although, inadvertently. Paul never intended to pull the wool over anyone's eyes; he simply wanted to create a seamless backstory. Done and done.
Cheers to Boilerplate; and I look forward to seeing Paul and Anina at San Diego...Eisner in hand.

Here's a Pin-up I contributed to Hearbreakers before Boilerplate made the team. Carnage is such fun.

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