Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Welcome to my 1st post...have a slice.

As my browser has "issues" with this domain, I've yet to negotiate getting a photo up. But that won't stop me from writing, will it? Apparently not. It's a fine day here in Ravenswood Manor (Chicago). About 73 degrees. Spring, normally a timid season in this area, seems to have latched on with an unusual conviction. I'm sure we'll all be dead in a week. HA! Not really...The doors are open in my studio to let the breeze through and my intern has just returned from foraging for her lunch. She's been doing some research for me about the Italian Reunification. She's bored, I can tell. But I need to have the info for the background of a character in a graphic novel I'm working on. My studiomate, Jill, is sunning herself in the open door; kids leaving school and moms with infants are filling the park across the street. The Brown Line trains, at ground level in the Manor, are becoming more frequent as rush hour approaches..shit rush hour is HERE! I was on the telephone not too long ago with one of my favorite editors at DC/Vertigo. Tomorrow I'll find out if the editor in chief has OK'd me for a new MONTHLY title. This will be interesting. I'm a professional artist, a comic book artist to be specific. It's an affliction more than a profession. It's like being a ronin of the mid to late 1800's. Except deadlier...and it looks much less glamorous on film. Shit, it doesn't even look glamorous in comics. Well, now I've gotta let Caitlin back to the comp so she can continue doing research for me (MUAHAHAHAHAH! I do get a kick outta being seasoned enough to delegate tasks to young, idealistic, energetic students). Hey, BLOGGIN'S FUN!!

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