Wednesday, April 06, 2005


No call from my Group Editor no news on the next gig. I've been keeping some distance between the editor I'm currently working with in order to "run with the book". I'm a bit methodical and invest some THINKING into the pages I draw, so when I add a new angle or a twist I hope that it enhances the story...I think my editor prefers a straightforward"do what the writer writes" approach. BAH! BAH, I say!!!....Yes, doing what the writer gives me is very important....Sometimes the writer hasn't given enough or is sending mixed signals. It's my job (and has been for a long time) to distill the information that goes onto the page for the best impact. Listen to me talk about (Canadian pronounciation) comics...LOL. What a goofy and lethal (thirty creators a month are hospitalized due to knife-fights in online forums) profession. I was listen to Diamonda Galas this morning over cereal (Frosted Mini-Wheats and a coffee with vanilla Soy Dream) and had a creative epipheny....I've been trying to find the proper start for this graphic novel...and it just HIT ME!!! For those of you who have never had this happen, it's like a movie starts to play in your head and doesn't stop til it's given you what you need to start building the scene. POW!!! There were at least....SHIT! Gotta get to the Davis to catch "SIN CITY"...later

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