Thursday, April 07, 2005


The film (Sin City) was AWESOME. I sat there, in the near derelict Davis Theater (the perfect venue for this movie) and kept thinking, "How cool is this!?" Man I need to read more comics. Seriously. I'm a poor indulger of the medium, considering that is where I make my living. Of course, I've read a bit of Frank Millers stuff, even met him some years back (Frank, you can have my PAX pin now! eheh ....) but most of his Dark Horse work has flown under my radar (I have copies...some...where, hmm). Anyway, Elijah Woods was great and creepy. Mickey Rourke, EXCELLENT. MAN, I knew Carla Gugino was HOT, but never in my wildest synaptic misfires....(whimper).....Yowza. That's right, YOWZA.

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