Saturday, April 09, 2005

Saturday Morning; coffee and a donut (sorta)

It's some other sort of fatty,bake thing which cancels out the fruit and soymilk in front of me. But,'s Saturday morning and I have to WORK, love to work actually, while the rest of you guys do your weekender thing. But here, ...I salute you! To the parents wrangling children for their activities, practices and play. To the people who've already got the lawnmowing well underway. To the late-night revellers who are STILL revelling. To the other obsessive professionals who're already at their desks...I salute you!!!
The day is stretched before me. I'll spent it doing some layouts for "Gw_W2" (working title only), the graphic novel that I'm staring down the barrel of.
It's exciting though. Daunting too. I've tapped a good friend of mine who's a seasoned writer, apologized ahead of time for what I'm about to put him through and cut him in to a chunck of all the rights. He'll have earned it. So, I'll let you scoot over to some other blog, as I'm about to scoot afk to my drawing table. Good Morning.

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