Sunday, October 14, 2007

My First Ebay Auction!

After seven days of nail biting (galvanized ten-penny roofing)my first eBay auction went off like a rocket! My first Jack of Fables workbook, "Broken Crown", containing thumbnails, notes and character sketches for issues 11-15. I wanna thank all bidders and of course, the buyer...who may or may not chose to remain anonymous on this blog.

Of course, the real issue of doing this was whether or not I could manage a letting go of such a tidy volume of original work. You know...not a problem! I like the idea of reinforcing the fetish of possessing a bound body of art and sketches.

More of this will happen as I complete Moleskins every 4 months or so (eyes crossed and fingers peeled).


Hats off to the Fables/Jack of Fables team for being the TOP sellers at Vertigo!
A BIG doffing and bowing to Moleskine Guru Jim Woodring, cause he is the Master.
Go to his blog and wither before his brilliance!

...a wardrobe study for the Pathetic Fallacy ("Gary...or maybe Kevin.")from "broken crown".

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arnie said...

now why should i bid when i have the real thing all to my...oh sorry did i post that out loud.

hey congratulations on your accution tony. i wish i could say i'm sorry i missed it, but lets be real, i couldn't afford you...wait that didn't come out right..never mind

peace out