Monday, April 16, 2007


God, I've had to keep my frickin'mouth shut for months about this. No more.
The incredibly talented James Jean will be phasing out his comic contributions in the coming months. Apparently FABLES will be the final title he works for. We're all sad to see James leave because his talent really help forge the series. I counted myself very fortunate to have him as cover artist on JACK OF FABLES for the past year. Alas...
But, I can't tell you how excited I am to have Brian Bolland, a bona fide legend in the industry (and a personal favorite of mine) joining the JoF team! First let me apologize to BB for all the times that I've said BRIAN PHUCKING BOLLAND! over the past few months. Just a bit of excitement :~)
Here's the first cover by BB, hot off the solicitation page at Newsarama (thanks guys).
Yeah, this is gonna kick some ass.


Charlie said...

James Jean and, now, Brian Phucking Bolland. You're keeping some mighty fine company, Tony. Congrats!

Fred Schiller said...

All the proof that even the most cynical of us need to demonstrate that good things do indeed happen to good people.

JVO said...

Total coup. Awesome news!

arnie said...

that had to take a lot of chapstick to pull that off. brian bollands butt must be very shiny by now.

peace out