Thursday, April 19, 2007

And The Nominees Are...

Furious and frequent rounds of electronic slaps on backs are what took up a great deal of my afternoon yesterday after Shelly Bond sent out the list of Nominees for this year's Eisner Comic Industry Award. Our boy Jack has collected no less than THREE nods, one of which is for Best New Series! The Fables team DOMINATES the selections!AGAIN!
I counted at least EIGHT nods to the title. Wow...
Follow the title of this entry as it's linked to Bill Willingham's Fables Forum entry with the list of nominations and comments.
Can I get a "whoo-hoo"?


Fred Schiller said...

I'm confused easily, so I forget--is the Eisner one of those awards that you have to nominate yourself to be in the running? Not that there's anything wrong with that. I mean, you still have to get enough votes to win.

I remember I used to be impressed by people who would get a star with their name on it in the sidewalk on the Hollywood walk of fame--but then I learned that not only do they have to submit their name for consideration, but if they are selected they have to pony up a few grand to pay for it.

And speaking of Eisner, I caught the tail end of the television show Icons on G4 last night and they were profiling Frank Miller. It sounded like he was saying that someone was moving forward with a film version of Ronin—which he sounded somewhat indifferent about—and that he himself was going to make his solo directorial debut telling a contemporary story of Eisner’s The Spirit. Why in the world would he do it contemporary? Oh, and apparently Miller’s co-directing a few more segments of Sin City along with Rodriguez.

Busy fellow.

Tony Akins said...

Hey, Fred!
Hi Charlie and EVERYBODY else I've neglected to reply to. Thanks for coming to the old blog and reading. I'll try to rev it up a bit more now that it's sunnier (my disposition).
Yes, Frank IS busy. I worry how he keeps his bearing? Two summers ago I had escorted my intern, Kaitlin, into a panel held by Miller with Bob Shreck as moderator. I walked Kaitlin to the first row, nodded at Uncle Bob, who was already seated on the stage....alone and walked out of the Stephens Center, talked to a couple of friends and then proceeded down the street about a block where I ran into Frank meandering up the street. "I'm supposed to be SOMEWHERE for some fucking thing..." LOL.
I took him, myself,to where he was supposed to be. Granted, this was the Convention, and things are VERY blurry by Saturday at 2pm. :~)
How'd you like that Ironman image I sent you Fred? Tell me that I was the first to get it to you!
The Eisner Nomination completely derailed any coherent thinking that was capable of last week. I'm SERIOUSLY going off sugar, man!
It's the HARVEYS that requires self-immolation, er...nomination. Ala Frank Cho.

ShojinStudios said...

CONGRATS TONY!!!!! I need you to sign a couple 100 more old back issues of Jack of Fables for me, i have an eBAY ACCOUNT WAITING AND A MORTGAGE TO PAY SO QUIT LOLLYGAGGIN AND GET TA' SIGNIN!!.....Did I mention how happy I am for you..."cheesy grin"!!!

Fred Schiller said...

Sorry for not thanking you for the Iron Man image. I wonder if there's some way of tracking how often and quickly a particular jpg is mailed around. I must have had a dozen peeps send it to me and I probably sent it out to that many afterward.