Thursday, December 07, 2006

I'm Such A Nerd

"Hello Mr. Akins,
I apologize for this tardy reply. I believe that possibility has been considered. I'm forwarding you email to John Rodgaard (of Boeing), an expert on the subject who can perhaps answer your question.

Richard G. Latture
Editor-in-Chief, Naval History Magazine
U.S. Naval Institute"

"-----Original Message-----
From: Tony AkinsSent: Friday, October 27, 2006 10:59 PM
To: Latture, Richard
Subject: Midget Sub Attack on West Virginia

Dear Sir,
I was intrigued at the reports and examination of a midget sub making it's attack on Battleship
Row on Dec.7th. I, for one, believe this (to be) fact based on evidence presented.
So where's the sub?
Has anyone considered that the sub is still in the harbor, beneath the hulk of the USS Arizona?"

How cool that I actually get a response on December 7th?! Examine the photo above. Towards the middle-left of the picture you'll see three distinct cones of water where the torpedo wakes seem to generate. THOSE, as it turns out, are the tell-tale "roostering" splashes of a minisub adjusting it's ballask after loosing a torpedo;
A MIDGET SUB made it's attack from WITHIN Pearl Harbor! Freakin' wild. For the longest time the splashes were thought to be splashes from aerial torpedo delivery. Amazing. So what happened to the sub, was my question...I think it's still in the harbor; entombed under the Arizona, which was destroyed just moments later.

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