Wednesday, May 17, 2006

If He Says "Storm" ONE More Time....

Normally on stormy days it blows being this exposed to wind, rain and sometimes hail. Don't start with me about the lightning. In fact, during multiple strikes, I scan the horizon with my Eagle Eye (Elizabeth calls me "Hawkeye") and sometimes will spot a fire started by a strike; there was a large fire just beyond United Stadium after todays' storm.
The UPSIDE to these storms are the great views brought on by the breaking storm. Todays' thunderstorm brought hail and lightning and I could have sworn I heard Howlin' Wolf moaning. But the storm broke to the southeast and let sun pour in from the west and north, revealing Old Town and Lincoln Park in fresh, Springtime relief free of drunken sports bar mooks and frathags (GASP!).
Yes; that's a RAINBOW just to the east of the Hancock Building. Here's a closer look...

It stayed there for a long while.
No art today, kids.
I just came from James Jeans' blog. Go there if you want something awesome to gawk know, that wasn't made by God.
That's right, "frathag". You won't find it in the dictionary because I haven't put it there yet. You read it here first; go spread the Gospel , my chillens.

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