Friday, May 05, 2006

Go here and scroll down to the KillBill video. Also chedck out his amazing views of the warehouse fire in NYC.
I LOVE the web.


Kathryn said...

I'm sorry I didn't get the opportunity to read your witty comment. Did you get my message or did I call the wrong Tony Akins? Impossible because you are one of a kind.

Fred Schiller said...

Grubby Kid is good, but Angry Kid is much funnier:

Barry Crain said...

So..are you fellers familiar with David Firth's disturbing animations..? Or izzit Olde News?
Lookit an episode of "Salad Fingers", if you dare.


Fred Schiller said...

Firth's stuff is news to me--good news! Salad Fingers was a trip down a strange road that left me itchy--but in a good way. I just watched The Latest Model which is darn near genius. Thanks for the hot linkz!

Kathryn said...

It's your favorite gringa again letting you know that if I read the previous comments on my blog, then I would have noted that you did get my message. Then again, the computers in my town won't post my current blogs or that of anyone's because they're considered "racy", whatever that means.

Should I hold you accountable for the upcoming elections in the big three Latin American countries?
Brazil, Venezuela, and Mexico???

Tony Akins said...

Wancy and Piper are having their Gradu-Asian party tomorrow. We'll consider you there in spirit (not the "ghostie" kind of spirit, like in your house).
Elections..hmm, nope. They've taken away from involvement with that sort of thing after the "thing" in '82. That was in Hondurus, btw. My "counter-tallying" technique lacked what my handlers called
finesse. Oh well. I'm too much of a people person, I guess :~)
RACY? I'll try to watch my language!