Monday, February 15, 2010

Things That Might Have Been...

Offers roll across my desk, sure. Sometimes my initial reaction to an idea tossed my way is, "Really?"...Generally this reaction is because I'd never in a million years think that I would be a fit for certain things. Other times it's because I may not feel that the title merits any serious consideration. The times I relish are when I'm surprised by an offer and think I'd be able to contribute to a line title, not "change" or "improve", but contribute.
Alas, a recent opportunity to expand my contribution to comics won't happen, despite the ardent advocacy of Jimmy Palmiotti. Oh well. This doesn't mean I'm leaving Jack of Fables. What I'm doing is starting a studio, several artists producing work for hire with yours truly in the lead. This should triple the pages I work on while maintaining quality. Basically it's just fucking time to change my studio dynamic.

At present there are no less than FOUR projects that I'm being considered
All seem to be a pretty good fit. A couple are things I'm REALLY excited about, but I have to maintain an even strain and no, you can't ask me about them... I'm looking forward to working with other professional artists, whoever they may be...I'll begin the recruiting process once I find out what lands on my desk over the next few weeks.

This is that "new page" that needs to be turned ever so often in Life. At any rate, I've kept my productivity far too low for the last 10 years and now I'm looking forward to a new period of generating. Cheers to that!

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OMG...Tony Ortman! Kidding! I KEEEED!