Friday, July 03, 2009

Chicago Comics Signing!

OK, so the file image must be CMYK, or else my retinas are fried. At any rate, Caitlin know the PROPER way to promote me from the wording in the flier. I'm making an appearance and oh by the way, I draw comics.
I'd love to see you there as these things are always more fun with familiars about.
Maybe I can even talk about what's happening in the world of politics.


Drake said...

You can steal the pic from us if it bothers you. Though, it kinda looks like we may be hosting a new wave Tony Akins this way. That guy rules.

clmcshane said...

How did the signing go, Tony?

Tony Akins said...

The signing was fine. Not a lot of folks, so it was leisurely. Everybody was in SDCC. How've you been? Did you like the Tarzan issue?

clmcshane said...

Leisurely can be nice. I'm doing great if busy. I thought the Tarzan issue was a lot of fun and you did a great drawing it.

Best of all it had apes and monkeys! How could it go wrong?

Oh the Around Comics Podcast with you, Mike Norton and Matt was a hoot.