Friday, March 02, 2007

Totoro Bus Fans

J'ne parle pas Française, mais le site pour la chat Vroom Vroom Pur est tre bien. Regarde' mon frites. J'adore le filme "Mon Neighbour Totoro", c'est bon, non? Oui! (Idiots!), LE chat l'autobus il est mon favourite voiture. Il nous va VROOM VROOM est a fuel pour, how you say...PARAKEETS!
So scoot on over to (or just select the title above) to see more examples of the bus and read some real good français, mon idiot frites! LOL! I just noticed the site is in SPANISH! Man, I speak THAT even worse.


Anonymous said...

Oh dude, you make me laugh. ^_^


ShojinStudios said...

HAHAHA! Akey that's awesome! Yea it's in Spanish. If it makes you feel any better Tony I don't understand the difference between Chinese and Vietnamese ! yet I still enjoyed the movie "The Promise" on YouTube! Go figure?

Fred Schiller said...

My favorite thing about the Cat Bus is when he's up in the air and you see him from behind, he's got a massive set of balls on him! An American animator wouldn't have the balls to do that (obvious pun intended).

I must have watched Totoro a hundred times when Dakota was little. When Valarie went to Japan with Danzig she brought Dakota back a ton of great Totoro stuff.

arnie said...

that is awesome! i wonder if my wife will let me change our van into a spider-van. or maybe a spongebob mobile.