Thursday, March 01, 2007

Moleskine,Moleskine On The Wall

Here's some scrapes from an overlooked volume. I can never decide what to post lately. I'm happily tooling along on Jack Of Fables; I hope you're enjoying it as much as I am. I think of YOU while I'm working on it. So if it sucks you're to blame for not lurving it enough. But, you do lurv Jack doncha, ya crazy bastards.
Bless you all.
Buy lots of the TPB; at least two. Spread that lurv like buttah, bay-bay.
Tell Tony your dreams and wishes. He'll make them come true (on paper)...
Until you figure out what those dreams and wishes are...have some sketches, relax. But PLEASE, keep your trousers and bras on.


clmcshane said...

I really like the 4th picture, I sometimes see koi, sometimes dragons.
It's very evocative.

Wishes and dreams? hmmmmmm

TMALO70 said...

Well, I'm partial to the Sinkin' Zeppelin... I can see it bobbin' Up and Down bein' thrown about by the Raw Power of Poseidon... Just makin' out the muffled sounds of the Inferno engulfin' the Doomed Dirigible... Drownin' out the Cries of It's Misfortuned Victims... Survivors who will soon become Fodder to the Beasts that inhabit this Liquid Wasteland...

Yeah, I like that one...


Tony Akins said...

Thanks Y'all!
It's interesting that both of you selected images that have an aquatic
BTW, Cinders...they could be Dragon-koi!
Dragon-koi that will soon feast on the hapless crew of the lost airship if Tmaster get his twisted way. I had imagined them saved by a dreadnought, you cruel lead-dragger.
LOL, "lead-dragger". Then what am I?

Tony Akins said...

I CANNOT believe no one likes "SüK SpaeceMenche_Sidekick"...
I mean look at his trans-atmo codpiece! That's high-tech!
Maybe you like it and won't say that you do.
Don't be afraid of deep-space, babies.

clmcshane said...

Tony said "BTW, Cinders...they could be Dragon-koi!
Dragon-koi that will soon feast on the hapless crew of the lost airship if Tmaster get his twisted way."

I find that thought of the Dragon-koi feasting on the crew comforting, just like I find the thought of my cats eating my dead body comforting. Getting rescued is okay, too but really, who wouldn't want their dead body eaten by scavengers?

I think that the Dragon-koi and the Sinkin' Zeppelin are the two sketches that engage me the most. The character sketches are nice, but they don't really draw my attention back (even with the high-tech codpiece, whereas I can look at the Dragon-koi over and over and not get tired of looking at it.

Tony Akins said...

Yes, for quite a while fish imagery has been in my lexicon (?) of reflexive sketching. Must be all of those eps of Gerri Anderson's "Stingray" I watched as a child.
Followed by "Codpiece Theater of Staggered Wits", an early GE/BBC attempt at refined programming.
Bob Hope would come out singing the praises of Chesterfield Tobacco with a codpiece over his face. How he smoked through that thing I'll never know..But it got chicks, so I was sold!
Whoah! I need to get outside, lol.