Tuesday, October 03, 2006

My Breakdowns for Jack#3

Cindy M. of Fabletown.com axed a very good question. Which I'm going to dodge and simply post these breakdowns as explanation. All I'll say is this; word balloons and captions come FIRST> Why have the reader guess at what he/she has to read next (the way that your about to chase this blog entry for coherence, sorry; it loaded not good). I guess in "posterized" comics, where every panel is a money-shot that's not important. For me and your friends at Vertigo, it is.


Tony Akins said...

you'll notice the ORIGINAL plan for Page 14 Panel 5 in these breaks. Now that I see them, I'm reminded that I changed the panel on the fly; which is why I drew in the balloons on the actual pencils.

Anonymous said...

Ha! Those are great. I really like all the expressions the rough drawings have (I especially like John's face in panel two and Jack's faces in this one). Stick figures are amusing. :P

Anonymous said...

Er...that last one was me. Forgot to sign it.


Anonymous said...

Oooh - I have to echo Katiria's comment - Those are great..

So Todd Klein would get a copy of the breakdowns, when he does the lettering?

The reader feels much more part of the scene when you shifted viewpoints.
Same with the last panel on 15 where in the pencils you have the viewer next to Gary, when he comes on the scene.

It's so cool to see the creative process. Thanks!!!


Shannon M. Wendlick said...

Now these breakdowns were a really pleasant surprise/addition to the blog. I have to agree the stick figures rule. I personally love the Humpty in these. Keep the goods coming. Shannon

TMALO70 said...

Hmmm, stick figure comic... BRILLIANT!!! I'm glad i thought of it...


P.S. Your "Word Verification" is "amorky"... Normally, i hate these things with a PASSION... But say "amorky" a couple of times and see the smile spread across your face...