Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Interlude: and the Nobel Prize goes to...

Here's my good friend and former intern Caitlin Drake McKay. This was last year at WizardSquirrel'd Chicago. She thought the guy in the suit was actually a Halo commando; he died seconds later when the sticky grenade she's placing on his back detonated.
Caitlin rocks.
She is presently the High Priestess of internet sales at Devil's Due Publishing. Go, GO buy lots of shit from her.
She is ALSO the punkie/arty muse for the Cottingley Fairies.

You can thank Steven Speilberg and Tom "I'm WAY Undermedicated" Cruise for not being able to see what this sketch
is associated with.

TWO words

...Weaponized Fudge.


TMALO70 said...

I always knew that Caitlin dug Dudes in Armor... I shoudla' kept that Spectreman Costume handy... And, is it me, or does She totally RAWK the "Dress and Thick Socks with Beat-Up Boots" look??? I think it's HAWT!!!

DAMN Steven Speilberg and the Loud Obnoxious Portion of "TomKat", for makin' it so I can't peep the rest of that Sketch-A_Roni...

Mmmm, Swirlie-Brownie; and Gold Coin...



Drake said...

Weaponized Fudge!