Thursday, September 21, 2006

JoF#3...Just Got My Copy! (Copies!)

I'm veryvery excited. Issue three has one of my FAVORITE Jack panels in it. The issue looks really good, too. It's coming together. The cover by James Jean has grown on me even more. I really think the girls are going to be a favorite with a lot of people.


Fred Schiller said...

I love the colors. Very nice indeed.

Shannon M. Wendlick said...

Advance copy.....Man, I would love to get on that schedule :). The great thing about this book is I have found I look forward to it as much, if not more, then Fables itself. The writing and Tony's art have been great and I am so anxious to see where everything goes. Can't wait til next Weds....


PS - I saw Steve is doing issues 6 and 7. Please tell us you will return after that Tony.

Tony Akins said...

Hi Shannon!
Yes, Steve L. is knocking issues 6-7 out of the park. This is a scheduled fill-in. Ah, I remember my Fables fill-in days like it was a few minutes ago. Wow, I wonder if I'll get to fill-in on Fables again.
I'll be back on JoF come issue 8 (drawing ish 9 even now). The story is GREAT. My head spins just thinking about it.

Nuf said.

Anonymous said...

The cover is gorgeous.
The 2 girls look like they could be trouble.
I wait and look forward to the book coming out.
Doing an outstanding job so far Tony!

Tony Akins said...

Thanks Migs,
Yeah the more I look at this cover the more I enjoy it.
It's a "distance" thing. When I did the scene involving these characters, it was very involved and painful. You'll see. So of course I was always reminded of the effort I put into that part of the story whenever I saw James Jeans' art for this issue.
No reflection at all on JJ, the art rocked from go. I just needed to put some space 'tween me and the pages. I'm happy with the solution I came up with to establish the environment; it was very involved executing it though. My hats off to Andrew pepoy for tuckin' in with a minimum of bitching (he never bitches).

Kathryn said...

hi darling!
I was worried that you were mad because I flaked on you while in Chicago. How is life with the wife and kids? Life here consists of: teaching fun phrases in English, playing GTA all afternoon long, watching a terribly acted telenovela (redundant?) in the evenings, and hiding from people that make me crazy.
It's what I'd be doing in the states.
Miss you!

Drake said...

YES YES YES YES YES YES YES. I would almost consider getting Love Hat tattooed on my knuckles. Wait no, I'll just get TONY RULZ and sing your praises to the world. <3

Anonymous said...

Howdy...I don't have an account here, but with luck you'll get my comment. :P

Just wanted to say I really like all your work in JoF. I was concerned how it would turn out when Bill announced that he would be in his own series because he is my favorite character and I love him so, but you have done a fantastic job.

Which gets me to my question- you said this issue had one of your favorite panels in it. Which one it that? :P


Tony Akins said...

Hey, Katiria
well it's actually a tie now between two panel...but the panel I was speaking of is Page 5 Panel 2. Jack is behaving shamefully; it's SO him.
Then I would say that Page 12 Panel 7 is in the running. When I was pencilling the issue, Page 5 stood out because of the expression seeming so dead-on to the dialog. I had reservations about the Page 12 panel because I was pushing the envelope a bit styllistically because I wanted to really enjoy the moment where Jacks pigheadedness gets him in trouble. But seeing the printed version, where Andrew and Danny brought the panel to realization so nicely, I think that the "pluralistic" approach worked. Pluralistic in the sense that I'll be using a broad scope of "tricks" associated with comic art to
tell the tales of Jack.