Thursday, September 07, 2006

Fred Schiller

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My pal and blog buddy Fred Schiller and I have not seen each other in many a year. It's a feeble punishment wrought by jealous gods who could not abide our awesomeness as a creative team in the late 1980's.
The collaborative body of out work together is meager, but mighty.
Once you've read "RUST", well...Archie and Daffy Duck are all you're going to be able to stomach for some while afterwards.
A blogger of note put the title (the entry was "Whatever Happened To Fred Schiller" I think) on his one-hundred coolest things about comics. No lie.


Fred Schiller said...

Valarie thinks one of the reasons we worked so well together is that we were born only a day apart in the same city. Perhaps we had adjoining bassinets in the hospital nursery and that’s where we began to conspire.

el dooglas said...

well fred, don't feel alone in your dealing with mr. akins (aka "flake"). i used to sit across from him (when he showed up for work) at the storyboard studio. and when he was there where was his mind? someday we may know, but not this day.

Fred Schiller said...
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Fred Schiller said...

Years from now, during a routine medical examination, an X-ray of Tony’s skull will reveal a wealth of foreign objects that he has apparently been jamming up his nostrils since childhood. This list of objects will include, but will not limited to; nine (9) Bic pens, a red Swingline stapler, fourteen (14) olive pits, a commemorative spoon from the1893 World’s Fair, a sardine can key, a back scratcher made from an authentic kangaroo paw, and a 64 oz. can of Dinty Moore stew.

This discovery will explain about Tony’s psyche and why it takes him so many tries to get through airport security.

Tony Akins said...

OMG! Stop with the LOVE!

Tony Akins said...

Actually...that's wasn't a backscratcher, Fred.
It's a can opener with a kanga's forepaw.
How would I get a backscratcher up my nose?

Ray Frenden said...

Fellow Chicago'er, here; found you via Charlie Athanas' blog and intend to stop back. Lovely work.