Saturday, May 01, 2010

Captain America For Mark Beatty

What- a year? Then the year was punctuated by the cruel taunting over the C2E2 weekend as I toted the art around, flirting it within Marks eye/earshot while two rows of conventioneers separated us...
Well, it's scanned now. I'm taking it to him right after I post this. This is still raw because I haven't cleaned up the inks. This is my first Cap. I'll hand the file to Paul Mounts to be colored and Mark has agreed to put a HUGE banner of this in his window as my payment. I'll swap out the Swastika for a red skull as it will be in the view of the general public.


BAS said...


Your work is absolutely amazing. How do companies contact you to discuss their projects? I was unable to find your e-mail info.

Tony Akins said...

Thank BAS. My email is It should be in my profile. Usually companies call me or I here of work through other Pros. Jimmy Palmiotti is a big advocate of mine. I could do a lot worse.