Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Eve of the Tanios Group Show

The last day before the show was spent getting things as close to completion as possible. I still have a couple of plexi "boxes" to pick up the morning of the show. These will be how I mount my Moleskine sketchbooks to the wall in my area.
You'll notice the chalkboard in my display area: this is to convey an "in the artist's studio" feel(and to dominate the room, I'm no fool). I used actual photos of my chalkboard from months past as source to recreact the gallery board.
"I looks like math" is what Hye Lim told me. It is, sort of, with light speed equations and habitat plans for malarial zones with settlements along rivers. I wonder how many will get the "DUNE" reference?
Here's some photos from the mad dash:

Alex Wald renders a Japanese Monster in his comment area. My comment area has a pirate flag: my personal banner; the last thing the crew of the Goa Maru saw before they shat themselves while ripping rig off the coast of Madasgascar.

High excitement: interns up the rigging and display men prepping the lightbox films (from Hellblazer:Papa Midnight). Caitlin and Hye Lim were indispensible! They did all the things I needed them to do without my asking them twice and they did it well!
They rocked. Caitlin is from the Co-op Program at The School of the Art Institute and Hye Lim is from Columbia College.

OK,...calm down.

The film for the lightbox is terrific. I bogarted most of the space in the show; I was perfectly willing to surrender ONE SIDE of the light box if Geof Darrow had come aboard :~)
The panels are from a 600dpi direct scan of the printed panel found in the H:PM trade. The dot matrix is sweetly in place, and the black is crisp.

The panels in place in the double-sided lightbox and lit as evening approaches in East Lakevew. Pretty sweet.
"Succeed. Beware.", words scripted by Mat Johnson(DROP,INCOGNEGRO), expresses it best for anyone venturing into the Arts.

I'll post more from tomorrow's opening!


Mat Johnson said...

Man, that looks lovely. I wish I could be there to see it live.

Tony Akins said...

D to the R.O.P. Daddy!
(I wish blogs could have "APPLAUSE" buttons for moments like this!)
The show went well. Couldn't hope fo a beter turnout or a better image to put in the light box!
How's things with you, Mat?