Monday, December 24, 2007


Adrienne at Sequential Tart pries me out of my shell.


Adrienne said...

Happy Christmas! :)

clmcshane said...

It was a great interview, Tony -loads of fun

Tony Akins said...

Hey! Happy End to the Holidays!!!!
Hi A. Hey C.
Thanks for stopping by.
I'll be loading some new stuff soon!
Happy New Year (eventually).

Jill Thompson said...

Oh, please, you make it sound like I was yammering to Neil every day. I rarely yammer to Neil anymore, he's too busy. I was yammering at some other poor unfortunate ear..yeesh!
You just miss my insessant oral storytelling!

Get to work on Dread!

Tony Akins said...

Yes Ma'am! Working on DREAD!

fox said...

Tony, drop me an email and let me know where to send your postcard from Prague =)

steve p.-o. said...


Were you able to see any of the 6-film series (plus documentary) at the Siskel Center a few years ago? I'd seen only Solaris at the time, and seeing the others made me a fan for life. I'm just about ready for another viewing of Andrei Rublev.

(Btw, I'm the guy whose swell wedding gift you created about 8 years ago, with me & the missus as super-heroes. And Jill drew our kitty.)

Charlie said...

Great interview, Tony. I had no idea you were into theater. You'll have to check out our adaptation of The Great God Pan at the Athenaeum in February. We just started a company called WildClaw dedicated to serious horror theater. Spooky.